tewie van den bergTewie van den Berg
Managing Director
I am extremely passionate about the poultry production environment and achieving results due to my adaptability to any situation.  I have worked in Africa, the UK and in the South Pacific and have had experience working with and managing rearing of broiler breeders, broiler layers, hatcheries, broiler production and poultry processing plants.

I have managed to build a very strong working relationship with the people I have worked alongside.  The role of people in the poultry industry is sometimes under estimated.  Being able to manage, guide, train and assist the people around me on a day to day basis, to achieve the success that we have achieved in the last 20 years has been very rewarding and has enriched me as a person and developed my management skills to a higher level.  I am willing and able to travel across the world to pursue my passion of sharing skills and knowledge that I have gained to any company that wishes to make use of our services.

I believe strongly that I will be able to fulfil the requirements of any challenge that is put my way. With my skills and abilities I can assure you that I will be able to deliver profitability by strategic planning, identifying KPI’s and facilitate growth through good management.

I have been fortunate to be exposed to different working environments, learning the job on the face front, using previous experiences to the benefit of the company that employs me. I am very passionate, loyal and dedicated to the poultry industry and I have been given the opportunity to work myself up through the ranks, gaining tremendous experience in all aspects of the poultry and other industries.

By using my management skills I am able to improve the morale of employees and increase production to return to profitability.  I also enjoy using my strong technical skills with the planning and execution of maintenance on the farms and in the factories.

I believe in people and that we can achieve all goals as long as we keep focused on building staff morale, defining strategies, keeping open communication lines and managing people to help them achieve their potential to the benefit of the company and themselves.  These are the essential elements for success.  A hands on approach focusing on the basics and being able to manage people to bring the strongest out in them by identifying their strong and weak points and utilizing this in a team to achieve a goal.

I believe that I would be an asset to any company that wished to use my services.


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